About Sheri

My Story

I know that no one goes into a marriage thinking they will get divorced, but I really did not want to ever be divorced. I had promised myself after going through my parent's divorce when I was 6, and then being part of a stepfamily that ended in a second divorce when I was 15, that I would never get divorced. But after 16 years of marriage and having 2 amazing children together, I learned that my husband was gay. A puzzle piece went into place that life-altering night and I knew deep down that the only choice was to end the marriage. Over time I have accepted that divorce is part of my life story and I have chosen to write my story from a place of resilience and strength, and not of failure and shame.

While initially I felt a sense of clarity when I learned why I was so unhappy, I found myself completely overwhelmed as I started to grasp the emotional and financial realities of divorce. I had to make difficult decisions quickly and did so with the support of friends and family. I was in survival mode for a long time and the stress definitely took a toll on me emotionally and physically. And now, six years after finding out that my marriage was over, my former husband and I get along well and continue to put our children first and support each other as we create our new modern family. 


"When we deny the story it defines us...when we own the story we can write a brave new ending."  Brene Brown